Registering for World Fantasy 2021

You may register in Canadian Dollars (CAD) by going to this webpage

You may register in American Dollars (USD) by going to this webpage.

The current rates are:

    Attending memberships. USD250 / CAD 320.

    Supporting memberships. USD50 / CAD70.

If you require further information please read on.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a membership for World Fantasy Convention 2021. On this page is information about the different levels of membership, prices, and more.

Membership rates

We take payments in both Canadian (CAD) and United States Dollars (USD).

The current rates are as follows:

    Attending memberships. USD250 / CAD 320.

    Supporting memberships. USD50 / CAD70.

Attending membership rates increased on February 1, 2021. Note, this is our first increase since December 1, 2019.

Membership types

There are two types of membership: Attending and Supporting. Either type can be transferred; a supporting membership can be converted into an attending membership. 

Attending Membership

Everyone attending the convention (including dealers, artists, and program participants) or any of its events must have a valid membership and a badge. Additionally, the purchase of a membership to World Fantasy Convention 2021 indicates your acceptance of and compliance with all convention policies. Please see the Policies page of this website for details.

An attending membership is necessary for those who plan to attend WFC 2021 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Attending members have access to all convention activities. Each attending member will receive the souvenir program book, a book bag full of books, a name badge, and other items offered at registration. Membership includes the ability to submit nominations for the World Fantasy Awards for 2021 and the next two years.

Please note: attending memberships are limited in number. Once that limit has been met, interested people will be added to a waiting list and contacted as openings become available. Please watch our website for updated membership numbers.

Supporting Membership

Supporting membership is for those who do not plan to attend the convention. Supporting members will receive the souvenir program book, book bag and other items offered at registration. Membership includes the ability to submit nominations for the World Fantasy Awards for 2021 and the subsequent two years. Supporting memberships may be converted to an attending membership if the cap has not been reached.

Converting Memberships

Supporting memberships may be upgraded to attending memberships as long as there are still memberships available. Conversions will require a fee equal to the difference between attending and supporting memberships. Please contact registration for details on how to proceed.

Transferring Memberships

If you wish to transfer your membership, please send an email to , or a letter to our postal address (listed below).

Please include your name and contact information, as well as the name and contact information of the person to whom you wish to transfer your membership.

Transfer requests must be received no later than October 15,2021.

A final note on memberships

World Fantasy Convention 2021 reserves the right to refuse or refund memberships as deemed appropriate in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all members.

How to register

You may register online (via web form: links at top of this page) and by sending a cheque or money order via postal mail.

Registering online

We use Square and Paypal for payment processing. You may also select Offline for special processing. Once registration is complete you should receive a confirmation email with your details.


    Available for payment in either USD or CAD. Paypal handles all major credit cards.


    Only available for payment in USD. Square handles all major credit cards.


    Available to those paying in CAD and with Canadian bank accounts. Please select Offline (next( and contact us for further details.


    If you wish to pay by cheque or money order, or via some other method not listed you can select this option. We ask that you then communicate with within seven (7) days and inform us that your cheque or money order is on the way. Failure to communicate within that period may result in your membership being cancelled.

Registering via postal mail

You can submit your membership via Canada Post. To do so, please download our membership form and send your completed form(s), along with your cheque or money order, to our address (listed below).

We accept cheques and money orders and can accept payments in both CAD and USD. Please do not send money through the mail.

Contacting registration

You may contact us regarding all registration related matters in one of two ways:

Via email at

Or via postal mail. Our postal address is

103-2077 Wilson Avenue,

Montréal, QC

H4A 0A5