World Fantasy Award Nomination ballot available

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Programme now open for applications

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Congratulations to Nisi!

The Anthology, New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction for People of Color, edited by Guest of Honour Nisi Shawl, has won the 2020 British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology. The announcement and  full list of winners can be found on the British Fantasy Society website.

Hotel bookings now open

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                  Announcing our new Special Guest:                                                      

We are pleased to announce that Special Guest Brandon O'Brien  will be joining us. You can find more info here.

Virtual convention attendance

We will have a presence at both Capricon and Boskone.Check their links for more information

World Fantasy Awards

Works may now be submitted. For more information please consult World Fantasy Awards

Membership price increase

Please note that registration prices went up on February 1, 2021. The new prices will be USD 250 / CAD 320 for an attending membership. Supporting memberships will remain the same (at USD 50 / CAD 70); upgrades from supporting to attending will be the difference.

Covid-19 (updated mid-Feb 2021)

In the midst of these difficult times, we want to assure everyone that we are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We’re working hard to ascertain every contingency that may have an impact on WFC 2021. We will make modifications to our plans accordingly to keep our membership safe.We understand that these are uncertain times, and the possibility exists that the convention may become digital, but at this time and given the expected timeline of the vaccine rollout in North America, we expect to be able to hold an in-person convention. We look forward to welcoming you all to Montreal. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your concerns or questions. 

Virtual World Fantasy 2020

Thanks to all who stopped by our Get Togethers,  Friday and Saturday nights, during Virtual WFC 2020.


Fantasy, Imagination, and the Dreams of Youth

 With the introduction of the Harry Potter series, the field of young adult fantasy has grown from being popular to becoming a dominant category of 21st century literature, bringing millions of new readers to hundreds of new authors. While focusing on younger protagonists, these stories appeal to all ages, including mature readers reminded of their own age of wonder, and of the challenges everyone faces in adapting to the obligations and opportunities of an adult world where new rules and situations are not always understood. Using a milieu of magic and mystery allows writers to make stories where anything is possible, beyond the constraints of mainstream literature. Fantasy elements also allow allegorical exploration of issues of authority and responsibility, peer pressure, and other forms of economic and social conflict. Characters based on mythology or pure imagination can transcend conventional definitions and roles and explore questions of diversity and gender, racial, and cultural identities. In blurring the boundaries between children's and adult fiction, fantasy gives us many delightful worlds and creatures to deal with real emotional and social values. The genre celebrates fantasy fiction in fall of its forms: epic, dark, paranormal, urban, and other varieties. We invite members to share what they enjoy, what they have learned, what they have written themselves, and what they hope to see coming in the field of young adult fantasy fiction.

Montréal. Canada 

November 4-7, 2021  



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