WFC Board

The World Fantasy Convention Board is composed of: permanent members; chairpersons of the upcoming, present, and past two conventions as well as past chairpersons who show a continuing interest; and the Administrators of the Awards.

Board Officers:

Jo Fletcher (Co-Chair)
Meg Turville-Heitz (Co-Chair)
Renee Babcock (Secretary)
Ellen Datlow (Ex officio)
Gordon van Gelder (Ex officio)
Darrell Schweitzer (Permanent Member)
Rodger Turner (Permanent Member)
Awards Administration:
Ellen Datlow, Jo Fletcher, Irene Gallo, Peter Dennis Pautz, Rodger Turner and Gordon van Gelder

Board Members:

Sherri Benoun
Bruce Farr
Chip Hitchcock
Sally Kobee
Diane Lacey
Dee Larsen
William Lawhorn
Jonathon Miles
Ann Rudolph
Virginia Smith
Michael J. Walsh
Mike Willmoth

World Fantasy Convention Board: 

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