Diversity statement

The committee for the 2021 World Fantasy Convention is unconditionally devoted to promoting diversity within our convention. We will have a Diversity and Inclusion Committee on programming. We are also actively recruiting people to create better cultural, gender, and community representation across all aspects of our convention, including the Art Show and the Dealers Room. These are still, for the most part, early days in the planning of our convention, which picks up in earnest after WFC 2020, but we are looking at ways to increase diversity and inclusion both in our membership and in our convention committee and volunteer base. We agree that in the past there have been problems in the handling of community concerns regarding sensitive and serious issues and we are taking steps to address these problems. We want our convention to be a friendly, accepting, comfortable place for BIPOC, queer, disabled, and other marginalized writers and fantasy enthusiasts.


Furthermore, the Montreal World Fantasy Convention abhors the inequalities Indigenous, Marginalised, and Historically Underrepresented People are confronted with in policing and other aspects of society around the world, including Canada, and we stand with them. We are committed to ensuring that all underrepresented people are given equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of our convention.

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