Hotel Bonaventure , Montréal, Québéc, November 4-7, 2021

WFC 2021 Committee

You may send enquiries to various departments. E-mail links are linked to the department names below. General information requests can be sent to

Chair: Diane Lacey

  • Chair's Advisor: Bruce Farr

Vice-Chair: Terry Fong

Finance: Bruce Farr

Accessibility: Alex von Thorn

Art Show: Jannie Shea

   Staff: Joni Brill Dashoff

Book Bags: James Cano

Covid Information Officer: Alex von Thorn

Dealers' room liaison: Laurie Mair, Rebecca Downey

Customs Liaison: Laurie Mair

Guest Liaison: Debi Chowdhury

   Staff: Carole Parker

Hospitality Suite: Marah Searle-Kovacevic

Hotel Liaison: Ann Marie Rudolph

Information: Rebecca Downey

Merchandising: Elizabeth Cano

Publicity: Karen Fishwick

Publisher Liaison: Karen Fishwick

Programming: Deanna Sjolander

  • Autograph Session: Ginny Smith
  • Banquet: Ann Marie Rudolph

Progress reports: Shirley Meier

Registration: Chris Smith

Restaurant Guide: Jo Walton

Social Media: Marah Searle-Kovacevic

Souvenir Book: James Murray

Storage and Logistics: Jeff Orth

  • Dockmaster: Chris Marble

Volunteer Coordinator: Ruth Lichtwardt

Web Site: Cenk Gökçe, Terry Fong, Joyce Lloyd